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Age of Trades is a social, MMO idle game, where players can pursue mastery in a variety of trades (skills), while amassing wealth, building a legacy, or promoting their brand. The main gameplay consists of semi-passively training trades that implement “idle game” style mechanics. Every trade plays differently, or has a unique goal attached. Mastering all trades is virtually impossible, meaning that for players to realize the big projects, they will need to work together, or simply purchase goods or services from one another. Become a hero, found the biggest city, or become a media magnate are all things to strive for!

Frequently asked questions

You can look at the publications for help or enter our Discord to ask the players there for help. More info on the website is coming up!
Currently you have two options. The first is to sell to the merchant for a fixed price, and the second is to try your luck with the auction houses!
You've probably not yet unlocked the parts needed to use the skill. For example, the link to Crafting becomes available as soon as you've found craftable items through exploring.
Yes, idle activity will continue for 24 hours after your last interaction with the game.
Hit the blue button in the bottom left of your screen that says "Report bug or submit ticket".


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