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Age of Trades is a social, MMO idle game, where players can pursue mastery in a variety of trades (skills), while amassing wealth, building a legacy, or promoting their brand. The main gameplay consists of semi-passively training trades that implement “idle game” style mechanics. Every trade plays differently, or has a unique goal attached. Mastering all trades is virtually impossible, meaning that for players to realize the big projects, they will need to work together, or simply purchase goods or services from one another. Become a hero, found the biggest city, or become a media magnate are all things to strive for!


Age of Trades was released on April 30th 2020 with very few features. With the help of our great community (link to Discord), I have been able to introduce 4 trades (skills), social features and a modding system. A few things that are on the roadmap for the upcoming months:

  • Trades like mining, woodcutting
  • Combat
  • Trading / open market
  • Open world (city building)
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